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We offer a variety of services to bring you information you need about today’s
Integrated Circuits. All of our private analyses are always guaranteed to be
controlled under complete client confidentiality.

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- Package Documentation
- Package Imaging
- Package X-ray
- Decapsulation
- Wire Pull
- Detailed Optical Inspection
- Cross-Sectioning
- Material Analysis
IC Lab Services Packaging Analysis Samples
- Die Documentation
- Die Imaging
- Circuit/Component Layout Documentation
- Physical (design rule) Measurements
- Detailed Optical Inspection
- Passivation Integrity
- Selective Delayering
- Cross-sectioning with feature
. delineation (FESEM and TEM)
- Focused Ion Beam (FIB)
- Layer Thickness Measurements
- Quantitative & Qualitative Material Analysis
IC Lab Services Die Analysis Samples
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- Photographic Documentation
. (All Elements Identified)
- Logic/Schematic Drawings
- Device Sizes
IC Lab Services Circuit Extraction Samples
- Complete Product Teardown Documentation
- PCB & IC Documentation
- IC Parts Identification Table
IC Lab Services Product Teardown Samples
IC Lab Services Samples
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